Hmmm…. Interesting!!!  Now accepting applications:  A UC Denver School of Public Affairs program where you can earn a Certificate in Interpersonal Violence and Health Care (CIVHC for short.)  It’s a stand-alone graduate-level certificate– looks like it’s 5 classes and a practicum– which can be taken for academic credit or for continuing education credits.  From their website ( :

“The CIVHC program is designed for health care professionals, students of the health sciences and those who want to further their education and training to become health advocates for victims of domestic violence. Conveniently structured for distance learners, the majority of course work is administered through brief intensive periods of study in Denver. This makes the completing the program feasible for a wide audience.”

How do you like that??!  Sounds pretty cool.  There’s also a certificate for domestic violence studies which is not specifically focused on health & health care.