Please note this course is face-to-face– Not available in a distance format at this point.  If you are in Columbia, it would be a great course for healthcare providers and future providers.  We can vouch for Dr. French– she’s quite amazing.  Read on….


COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT: Violence Against Women and Children 

Fall 2012 Mondays from 1:00 – 3:45pm.

Graduate students: ESC_PS 7087-15 #40950 – Undergraduate Students ESC_PS 4087-22 #40949 . 

According to various U.S. national studies, 30-40% of girls and 13% of boys will experience sexual abuse in childhood, around 18% of women and 11% of adolescents will experience rape, and 30% of women will experience intimate partner violence. Given these high prevalence rates, the likelihood that you will work with a someone through your teaching, counseling, mentoring or advising with a history of sexual, physical, or psychological trauma is likely. By taking the Violence Against Women and Children course, you will learn the sociopolitical framework of gender based and family violence, common psychological sequelae related to such trauma, prevention and policy implications, and become introduced to empirically validated and best practices treatment with sexual abuse, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence survivors. Students will learn about vicarious trauma and tools for self-care, while also hearing from a series of local guest experts in treatment for survivors of gender-based or family violence.

Here’s a note from Dr. French:  I am excited to teach this course again as it serves as an important foundation for counseling and psychotherapy training. Given the sensitive and challenging nature of the course, instructor approval is required. Please contact me if you are interested or have questions


Bryana French

Bryana H. French, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Black Studies Program
Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology Department
University of Missouri at Columbia
ESCP (573) 882-3084; BSP (573) 882-0646