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I am sharing the following good news from Colleen Coble, the Executive Director of the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Image


“To:                   MCADSV Members

From:               Colleen Coble, CEO

Date:               January 28, 2013

Re:                   Governor Jay Nixon proposes $1.9 million increase in funding for domestic violence services in his Fiscal Year 2014 state budget


Governor Nixon proposes $1.9 million increase in funding for domestic violence services in his Fiscal Year 2014 state budget proposal

The state Fiscal Year 2014 budget proposal released Monday night, 1-28-13, by Governor Jay Nixon allocates $1.6 million in federal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) funding and an additional $300,000 in other federal funds for domestic violence services through the Department of Social Services. This use of TANF funding for domestic violence services has been done in many other states, but Gov. Nixon’s proposal is the first for Missouri. Surveys by MCADSV of its member programs consistently show that about 75 percent of domestic violence service recipients receive or are eligible for TANF.


The total FY14 funding proposed by the Governor for domestic violence services is $8,466,524. The current funding level is $6.5 million, of which $4.75 million is state funding.


Governor receives standing ovation for comments on domestic violence in State of the State speech

In Governor Nixon’s State of the State speech, he received a bipartisan standing ovation when he spoke forcefully and poignantly about the obligation to ensure that “courageous” battered women and their children are not turned away from shelters and services that are full.


Here are the Governor’s comments:

“Each day in our state and across the country, tragedies occur that don’t make headlines, and often don’t get reported at all. I am talking about domestic violence. Last year, our network of shelters for victims of domestic violence provided safe haven for thousands of women and children. But thousands of others were turned away because the shelters were full.

“We know that battered women are at greatest risk when they make the courageous decision to leave an abusive partner. Finding shelter can literally make the difference between life and death for these women and for their children.

“That is why my budget includes a 29 percent increase in funds to provide more beds, more treatment, more safety at domestic violence shelters throughout our state. No child – no mother – who has been the victim of domestic violence should ever be turned away and left to fend for themselves during these moments of crisis.”

This is an exciting beginning to our work with the 2013 General Assembly as advocates who can, and do, shape public policy to prevent and end sexual and domestic violence.



 Colleen Coble

Chief Executive Officer

Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

217 Oscar Drive, Suite A

Jefferson City, MO 65101

573-634-4161 ext. 103




Said it a million times before…. but if you haven’t joined MCADSV– YOU SHOULD.  They’ll keep you up to date w/ good news like this… And let you know how you can help.  Plus give you all kinds of great trainings, etc.  JOIN UP AND GIVE THEM YOUR SUPPORT, HEALTHCARE PPL!


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